Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Back in January I hit a bit of a rough patch and have had a hard time getting everything back in order. Of course, just as I begin to feel better and more caught up, (although let's face it, with 3 little littles, the to-do list is never-ended) my kids get sick. In fact, it's been a battle between the 3 of them for a solid week. Today, (after calling MY mama) I went with instinct and took them to the doctor. Turns out, Lillian has a BAD ear infection- like her ear drum is very close (and likely) to rupture. Poor baby :( Also, thank you failed flu vaccine because we're pretty sure Malakai (and possibly all 3 of them) had a case of the flu. joyJOY! But it's all good. They are hopefully on the mend and I am currently writing a blog post so yay!

Maybe, just MAYBE I can be a little more faithful with my writing... I know you've all been so very anxious ;p haha.