Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorite Things

Coming to you today to share some favorite things that are keeping me thankful this week :)

Unfortunately, the past few weeks have seen us in & out of a few viruses. Not sure if the flu was in the mix anywhere but for sure there has been A LOT of coughing around the Cains. That being said, vicks vapor rub and (multiple) humidifiers have been a god send this week. Poor Malakai has had a terrible time sleeping the past couple of nights and those two things have really helped. (also a husband that goes out at 2am for children's cough medicine)

My next favorite thing is a product of the first. When babies don't feel well- they cuddle. They let you hold them longer. Sick cuddles and hugs are definitely a benefit of sick kids. If they're gonna be sick at least you can get some extra lovins out of them :)

Having two little girls in the house is so wonderful- especially because it means LOTS of giggles! Yesterday when they spent an hour "going to sleep" for their naps- all I could hear was, "I burped!" "EEEWWWW!" ::LOTS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER:: repeating over and over until I went in to tell them to go to sleep. The joys of sisterhood- I wouldn't know anything about that... right, Mom???

So, my next favorite thing hasn't actually happened yet but it is going to happen. Michael and I will be childless, away from home & all free of charge! So, although his work situation may be less than ideal right now, I will never turn down a late "christmas" party w/ a free night stay alone with my husband. Such a blessing for this week!

And last but not least, my youngest brother turns 17 today! His was the first birth I ever experienced live, he cried when I got married and now he's getting all grown up. So hard to believe. Josiah is such a sweet, genuine, intelligent young man. And is a beloved Unc Siah to all his nephews & nieces :) Love you, little brother!!! #herestogettingold

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello & a Vlog

Well hello :) I have been super duper quiet around here lately because well, life has just been happening and I haven't made time to write. I'm coming to you today via vlog so check it out. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of blogging again. :)