Little bit about ME


Jesus is the reason that I live and breathe. He is my rock and the reason why I can do what I do everyday. His Grace is what sustains me and I'm not ashamed to say it. Without Him, I am nothing.

October 2007 began what would be the most challenging and wonderful journey of my life-- I was marrying my teenage sweetheart. Today, our home strives to be a marriage centered home (as opposed to child-centered). We do not neglect our sweet loves but we know that at the end of the day and years, what will be left is the two of us and I still want to know and love my husband by then. We believe our children are more loved and stable knowing that Mama and Papa Daddy are good. He is my best friend and one day, I hope we are that sweet old couple that people smile at because they are 80 and still holding hands ♥

March 2009 brought with it an incredible blessing and changed our lives forever. Malakai McEwan was born. 5 days "late" and after some where around 36hrs of labor and no medication that 9lb (8lb 16oz according to his birth certificate) bundle of all boy joined our family. We knew we had our hands full from the beginning when he could already lift his head at hours old and with in a day had pushed up on his hands and feet (he was mad b/c he had to be put under the bili lights for jaundice). 

2010 would prove to bring the biggest surprises of all. In March we found out we were expecting-- in July we found out it was TWO (identical girls). We were elated, shocked and totally freaked out!!! November 2010 we met Malakai's sisters, Ava Lynn and Lillian Renee'. They were completely healthy and beautiful. These days their personalities are really starting to come out and I feel like I'm actually getting to know them and love them more every day. They are a lot of work but soooo worth it!!! Still, I am amazed at the way their smiles light up the room :)

I think it says something about me that I didn't even write anything about myself the first time around publishing this page- haha. So about Sarah... Obviously, I love Jesus and I love my family. Photography is a passion. Capturing life as we know it is timeless and fascinating. I'm a bit lazy but I'm working on that. I love the color orange and black & white photos. Food. I love cooking in, baking it and especially eating it! Our hearts will always belong to the Kentucky Wild Cats, no matter how far away we are from them! Anything else you want to know, just ask :) 

This is just a small window into who we are. We love Jesus and one another and I look forward to getting to know you!