Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Michael grew up taking rides on the tractor with his Papaw and I am thankful that my children have begun to build similar fond childhood memories. Due to some unfortunate events this historic land will be seeing some changes in the near future but I can only hope that my kiddos will learn to love and hold on to their heritage the way that their Daddy has.

Cain kids, you have some of the most loving, gracious, caring family around. You are loved more than you know and are cherished beyond measure. You guys, the man in this photo is one of the most generous, kind, patient, hardworking men I have ever met. It should be noted that your Daddy has some of Papaw's best qualities.

Will you remember these rides? 

Will it always bring a smile to your faces when you think back on your Papaw and the farm and the tractor? 
Hot summer days, cool crisp fall, snowy winter, the new life in spring.

There is just something so pure, so refreshing about being in the country. 
Away from it all.

Cain kids, you have the privilege of experiencing something that has withstood the test of time. 

What is it that draws your little hearts to this place?
Maybe the simplicity.
Fresh Air.
His beautiful creation.
Or maybe for now, it is just the fun of being with people that love you so very much.

Malakai's face lights up with pure joy when he recognizes we are going to "the farm!"

I love it. 
It makes my heart glad to see the connection. 
He would spend hours & hours "working" on the tractor with Papaw if he could. 
Such a sweet relationship they have.

Papaw's face lights up with pride when Malakai crawls up into his lap.

Or my niece shoots him a gorgeous smile.
Or when the littlest girls see him & yell,
"HI, PAPAW!!!"

I am postitive my in-laws take one look at these little ones and are immediately taken back nearly 30 years in their minds. Flash backs that feel more real than just memories. The beautiful thing is that although many years have passed and seasons have come and gone, things really aren't so different.

The barns.
The cows.
The tractor.
The farm House.
The smells.
The trees.
It's all there.

Some have gone & are dearly missed.

But a new generation is emerging.
New faces. New names.
Surrounded by love and family.
A new generation welcomed by the 
& smells of
The Farm.

Papaw, thank you for these memories. 
The lessons of hard work & simple living. 
The appreciation for family & all the love it brings.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

A photo & A Guest Post

My gorgeous mama & Lillian at the beach a few weeks ago :)

Also, wanted to mention that I am guest posting over at 3 Little Men & a Mommy today!!! I'm so excited about the opportunity to do this for Krystle while she is on a technology fast of sorts. Go check it out and while you are there, check out some of her other posts as well. Krystle is one of my favorite twin mama bloggers. It is so evident that the Lord is working in her life and I am blessed to be able to receive blessings through her ability to write and share her heart.

 then, she {snapped}

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

One More Sleep.

Summin it up...

My head feels all jumbled. I love how as a mom I am capable of feeling a gazillion different emotions in a matter of minutes. It is ridiculous. And sometimes wonderful. Occasionally, awful.

Lately, I have been feeling extra sentimental. Like, I'm sure I am going to literally wake up tomorrow and my son will be 20 and gone and I'll have no idea how I slept away 17 years. It is going that fast. So I've been holding on a little tighter. Worrying less about the stuff that doesn't matter. Having Rita's and McD's and lovin' on some babies. Realizing that laying with my boy for "this many minutes" (holding up 4 chubby 3yr old little fingers) is totally worth it. He is precious and will certainly be grown before I am ready.

Stains on the carpet? Piles of dirty laundry? Dishes, dishes, dishes? Sometimes that stuff can wait. Because time doesn't stand still while I "fix" all those things. Sometimes I believe that. Sometimes I don't. Sometimes the piled up chores aren't a choice- they are just life. And sometimes I think I'm the only mama that lives this way.

I'm not.

More than once these past couple of single parenthood I have had to apologize for my sin. More than once I have had to step back and think about whether this was really worth all that. What is wonderful is the instant forgiveness that little ones offer. With Malakai, it's over faster than it started. What a beautiful lesson I can take from him. He doesn't know you are supposed hold on to this stuff. There isn't any process he has to walk through- no steps or or rules. Ask for forgiveness & it's done. Oh that childlike faith.

Overall, I'd have to say things have gone pretty well. I certainly have a longer thankful list than complaints.

This week leaves me thankful for soooo much!

First of all, I am so incredibly thankful for loving community. My friends are some of the best around. People that are easy to eat good food with. Enjoy a cup of coffee and talk. People that will be faithful to lift you up with encouragement and prayer. These are the kind of people everyone should have around them.

Second in line is Malakai. His little mind is so full of one-liners. He has no idea how hysterical he is. Actually, he often tells me to stop laughing at him. He has brought so much joy and laughter to my life.

Third has to be ice cream. Today was Rita's (Mango Gilati anyone???). The other night we had drumsticks (the chocolate at the end of the cone=bliss #amirite???) Multiple nights it was Bryer's mint chocolate chip (the white kind- none of that nasty green stuff). Ice cream. You Scream. We all scream for ICE CREAM!!!

I told him to show me how excited he was for Rita's <3

Fourth would be the beautiful weather. Super fun picnic and park night. Multiple evenings playing before dinner. Just laying in the grass or on the sidewalk. Sunsets. Library. Pool. Sand box. Friends.

Last would be technology. Skype allowed my husband to actually get to see his family while he was gone. He could witness the craziness before lunch. He was able to experience some of the witching hour- you know, that time following afternoon nap & before bedtime? He got to see me. (obviously his favorite part :)) SO thankful.

2 weeks without Papa? We got this!

Wait? Did I say "last"??? No way! The final thing I am SUPER thankful for as we round out this week... ONLY ONE MORE SLEEP TIL DADDY COMES HOME!!! (now for me to go start on that sleep)

There are so many things I could add to this list. God has been so good to me. Thank you Jesus that you care for me. I am so blessed.

**I'm just going to add a little disclaimer that these photos are straight out of the old phone camera and thus the quality is less than desirable**

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mantis & Wade.

These things are so stinkin' awesome. and a little creepy.

Malakai went out the other morning to watch the trash truck and play for a bit. After only a few minutes, he was back inside telling me about the "green monster." The conversation went something like this...

"Mommy! There's a green monster outside!"
"Oh, really? That's nice."
(perplexed) "Why is there?"
"I don't know."
"Will it go away?"
"I'm sure if you tell it to."
"Come see, Mommy!"
"Not right now, Malakai."

With that, he pretty much dropped it and I forgot about it.

Later in the morning, I was opening the shades and Malakai immediately leaned over the couch to have look outside.

"AHH! The green monster! Why didn't it leave, Mommy?"
"What are you talking about? There isn't a monster."

Then for some reason, I cannot remember, I looked out the window.
Holy Moly! There IS a green monster!

I couldn't stop laughing.

So then, of course, we all went to meet her & take her photograph.
Thanks for being such a great model, Mantis :)

Poor guy, his mama is so unbelieving.

Admiring her but not getting too close.

The girls could not have cared any less. 
They were too busy eating dirty grill tongs.

and throwing dirt.

On a completely unrelated note... 
wanna hear a couple of funny stories?

This happened while he was peeing with the door open in the bathroom that is right off of our living room.

*standing at the potty*
"Mommy, what's in there?"
(he was referring to his testicles)
**awkward silence.**
(in my head- WHERE IS YOUR FATHER?!!)
(in reality) "ummm."
"I know! It's eye balls rolling around in there!!!"

this was followed by extreme laughter & no answers.
Yep, kid, you sure do have eye balls rolling around in there.
Sorry, not ready to have my son saying "testicles" in public.


So, the other night Malakai & I had a pretty... interesting? conversation while I was putting him to bed

"Mommy, does my bear have a pee-pee?"
"No, Malakai, it doesn't. It is a toy."
"But it DOES pee!"
*laughing* "Okay. Well, do you know what your 'pee-pee' is called?"
*really thinking here* 

I died.
That was all I could take.

On  related note to the unrelated note:
Malakai also is perplexed by how his sisters can possibly pee since,
 "they don't have a pee-pee"

We have some splanin' to do...