Sunday, July 31, 2011

tick. tock.

7:30p.m. all our children were in bed. This. Is. A. Miracle.

...or so we thought...

8:30p.m. Ava wakes up. ugh. In the midst of her fussing, big brother wakes up. He went right back to bed but little miss Ava has decided she doesn't need to go back to sleep until... oh... 10?? Little stinker.

It was annoying. We thought hoped we would have a nice quiet evening. We ordered chinese. We thought maybe we'd watch t.v., maybe a movie. And the stinker wakes up. Like I said, it was annoying but hey, we have a 2yr old and twin babies- these things happen. (a lot unfortunately) Its just part of this season in life. We've kind of gotten used to this sort of interruption.

...and then...

It just got ridiculous.

Ava, is awake. Again. Its, oh I'd say, just before 3a.m. and her little butt is fussing. Daddy is kind enough to go get her bc at some point between the time we went to bed and now, Malakai had joined us in bed and was laying on my arm. He's rocking, laying, sshh-ing, you know, all the normal things you do to get this baby back to sleep a.s.a.p.

3:30, I offer to nurse her. Maybe she's hungry... who knows? I take her, nurse her, rock her, change her, lay with her... nothing. no nothing is working.

Around 4a.m., Daddy tries again- ends up on the couch for the remainder of the night.

If she was not a twin and sharing her bedroom w/ her sister, that girl would have been cryin it out.

And speaking of her sister, Lilly was an angel and stayed in her bed all. night. long. Such a good girl ;)

                          (Malakai, Ava, Lilly)

I'll leave you with this photo of me with my little monkeys :) Its a good thing they're all so darn cute ;)

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