Monday, July 22, 2013

Favorite Things Monday: Doing her Best

What better way to kick off my loooong absence than with this very special edition of Favorite Things Monday! What is so special about this edition, you ask? 

Well.... simply put: 

This Beautiful Lady...

This is my friend Ashley

And today is her birthday.

She gets a spotlight today because I love her and due to an unfortunate 600 mile distance, am unable to celebrate with her in person.

Many of you may know her but for those of you that don't, let me fill you in on a few details about one of my favorite people.

She is a real life friend that just happens to also be a blogging buddy (and a more faithful one than me as of late) with a heart of gold. Her words are sweet and genuine. The lord has used her many times to breathe truth and life to my heart- on a computer screen and in real life.

Ashley is especially witty, sharing smiles & joy everywhere she goes. 

She is an intelligent thinker. 

Feminine. Caring. Kind. And Sassy.

I admire her patient and gentle spirit.

I admire her creativity and tenacity.

She is a forever...

and she always, always does her best, hehe :)


I love you, Ash.
Happy Birthday.

*and just fyi- this took me all day to finish*

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