Monday, August 12, 2013

Yes He Does

So today my girls decided they didn't want to nap. 2 hours of trying and I finally just told them to get up. Whatevs. It happens. But then of course, they WERE tired and they went from one thing to the next... driving me just a bit more towards insanity. Fighting, spilling (aka- intentionally dumping drinks on the floor), screaming, crying, temper-tantruming. You know- normal tired 2 year old stuff. 

And then...

I had a weak moment. 

They broke me with colored bubbles. OhmygoshCrayola. I hate you. My carpet and knees hate you. The grout between my tile hates you. And did I mention- mykneeshateyou. Please take your spill "resistant" bottle & SCREAMIN' GREEN somewhere hot. Also, whoever gave me those- don't ever admit it. I might share them with you. 

::Enter:: Momentary freak out.

As I threw MY threenager tempertantrum... my girls repeatedly told me, "it's OKAY momma!"

I assured them it is definitely "NOT okay"

As I threw out my "not okay's," Malakai pulled out the big gun...

"But Jesus still loves you, Mommy."

Oh man. Kicked in the throat by a 4 year old. 

::deepbreath:: Yes He does.

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  1. Mom and Dad love you too...<3 <3 <3 <3


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