Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hello & a Vlog

Well hello :) I have been super duper quiet around here lately because well, life has just been happening and I haven't made time to write. I'm coming to you today via vlog so check it out. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of blogging again. :)


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    1. Also, I've never particularly noticed that you have a southern accent before.

    2. I live with Michael. These things slip out...

  2. Yay, I love it!! You are a fabulous wife, mommy, Jesus-lover, Crossfitter (well, I'm assuming this. But you look AMAZING), #shereadstruth reader (I still haven't read this, but I need to asap!), and photoprapher. Speaking of, one of these days we're going to exchange those maternity pictures, eh? And have a nice, long chat too.

    I love your blog! Keep writing! I miss it!

    1. Awe :) Thanks, Carebear! :)

      And yes, I definitely owe you some pics :)

    2. OH MAN CARRIE. She is a cross-fitter! She carried my heavy, floor-to-ceiling, bigger than a couch, solid wood closet doors down three flights of stairs and stored them. That's in addition to the threes lightly smaller closet doors, 12 chairs, various pieces of a large book shelf, and furniture she moved, hauled, and/or stored. She did it all in one afternoon.

      That's how amazing she is.

      And that was just ONE of her five things. Imagine how good she is at the rest of them!

  3. Yay!! :) Hi there!


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