Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorite Things

Coming to you today to share some favorite things that are keeping me thankful this week :)

Unfortunately, the past few weeks have seen us in & out of a few viruses. Not sure if the flu was in the mix anywhere but for sure there has been A LOT of coughing around the Cains. That being said, vicks vapor rub and (multiple) humidifiers have been a god send this week. Poor Malakai has had a terrible time sleeping the past couple of nights and those two things have really helped. (also a husband that goes out at 2am for children's cough medicine)

My next favorite thing is a product of the first. When babies don't feel well- they cuddle. They let you hold them longer. Sick cuddles and hugs are definitely a benefit of sick kids. If they're gonna be sick at least you can get some extra lovins out of them :)

Having two little girls in the house is so wonderful- especially because it means LOTS of giggles! Yesterday when they spent an hour "going to sleep" for their naps- all I could hear was, "I burped!" "EEEWWWW!" ::LOTS OF HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER:: repeating over and over until I went in to tell them to go to sleep. The joys of sisterhood- I wouldn't know anything about that... right, Mom???

So, my next favorite thing hasn't actually happened yet but it is going to happen. Michael and I will be childless, away from home & all free of charge! So, although his work situation may be less than ideal right now, I will never turn down a late "christmas" party w/ a free night stay alone with my husband. Such a blessing for this week!

And last but not least, my youngest brother turns 17 today! His was the first birth I ever experienced live, he cried when I got married and now he's getting all grown up. So hard to believe. Josiah is such a sweet, genuine, intelligent young man. And is a beloved Unc Siah to all his nephews & nieces :) Love you, little brother!!! #herestogettingold


  1. I'm sorry, but you are mistaken. Josiah is still six years old. That handsome man is some stranger. You should stop talking to him immediately.

  2. Uncles and aunts are fabulous! I never had any close to me growing up, but my siblings and my husband's siblings all live within 15-20 minutes of us, so our daughter is surrounded. I just stumbled upon your blog and smiled (shuddered? Haha) when I read about your first birth experience. I can so relate to the loooong, unmedicated part. ;)

  3. Sad face to the sickies in your home! Thank goodness for the cuddles & sunshine that appears outside in this yuck weather. Have a lovely time on a getaway!


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