Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Mission

So I had all these hopes of being a better blogger this spring... So yeah, about that...

Honestly, I have been so busy & just haven't made time for this little special part of my life. For those of you that don't already know- my family will be making a 600+ miles move to Kentucky this summer. We will spend at least the next year there spending time with our family. My husband is being deployed with the Army this fall & we truly feel in our hearts that moving to Kentucky & near most of our family is what God is directing us to do. We can't wait!!!

On top of making plans to move & taking a week to go visit land of the blue/home of the horses, our kids have been constantly sick with some kind of viral bug. I thought/hoped we were finally past it but unfortunately, Malakai seems to be taking another ride with it. Can we say, ANNOYING! Oh well.. just means a few extra snuggles & a whiney, tired 4 year old.

And to really ice this cake, I am in the midst of starting a business as an Independent Designer with Origami Owl and having a blast with it! If you've never heard of Origami Owl before, be sure to click the link and check it out! Beautiful lockets, charms & chains that are designed to allow you to tell your story in a wonderfully unique way.

All these things are great but they are just a side note for this blog post....

May has to be one of my 2 favorite months of the year (October is the other). Everything is really starting to come back to life. The sun is warm and the grass is green. It is filled with park days and open windows. Daylight comes early and evenings are beginning to last a little longer. All of this would be reason enough to love this month but what really, truly sets this month apart from all the rest is that I was born in it. Yes, sweet people, this is my birth month. And this years happens to begin the last year I will spend in my 20's. Good grief that is hard to believe. I can remember (literally) dreaming about the day I would get my driver's license. And I remember looking forward to the day I would finally leave my "teenage" years behind me. 

As I have considered things I would like to do for my birthday, I realized just how blessed I am. I am surrounded by amazing, loving people. I have a beautiful family and our needs are always provided for. And although it would be all too easy for me to come up with a list of things to do for me, it has been laid on my heart how much more of a blessing it would to bless some unsuspecting strangers or not strangers but at the very least, people. Specifically 29 people (or at least 29 different acts of love) on my birthday. But it doesn't stop there- I'd like to ask you all participate. During the whole month of May, are there at least 29 friends of mine that are willing to do just 1 "random" act of love and report back here on the 30th to tell us all about it. Feel free to email me to share ways that you are planning to bless some people this month. My goal is do at least 1 act of love every day until the 29th & an additional 29 on my birthday (which is May 6th). I'm really excited about this and I meant to get this written yesterday but it's all good. 

Please, will you join me in celebrating my birthday by loving and blessing some people this month??? :)

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