Saturday, April 6, 2013

me, him & strangers

 My little 4 year old has been so full of one liners lately. Like, I really, really need to start carrying around a notepad all the time.

Yesterday was no exception.

Some plans fell through with a friend that he & I were possibly going to meet for dinner after Crossfit Kids. It was no big deal but we just had to figure out what the plan would be now. 

Our conversation went something like this...

me- "Well, I'll have to call daddy & see what he wants us to do about dinner."
M- "So does this mean that just me & you get to go somewhere?"
me- "I told you, I have to see what Daddy wants to do.
M- "so does this mean that just me and you get to go somewhere?"
me (laughing)- "So is that what YOU want to do?"
M- "That's why, because I love you. Because you're my sweet, sweet sunflower." (BIG HUGE CHEESY GRIN)

Oh this kid. I love him.

He got his date. 
Just me & him & all the strangers at Chipotle.


  1. That is freakin awesome!!!! OMG, with lines like that, the girls in his future don't stand a chance<3

  2. WOW...He is already the BEST at cheesy!! <3 <3 <3 Give him big hugs from me! :0)

  3. So sweet... He must have needed a mommy date. Can't wait to see you guys!


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