Thursday, December 8, 2011

Trimming Trees & such

Whew! I didn't expect this month to feel so busy... :)

Between family holiday fun, time with our friends, regular life and editing photos, there hasn't been much time left for blogging. ::sadface:: This post will catch you up on the holiday happenings this past weekend :)

The weekend started off (almost too late on Saturday) cutting down our Christmas Tree at Hutchinson's Christmas Tree Farm. This place is amazing! The people are sweet locals that are willing to work with you on a price for the tree if you are struggling financially but still really want a tree. Topping it off, the owner looks like Santa!

We finished our evening off at our town's Holiday Parade :) Malakai went with our friends last year (we were avoiding popsicle newborns) but this year we were excited to all go as a family (although, he thought it was more fun just going w/ Pop-Pop & Miss Kelly).

Michael managed to get the tree up on Sunday (thanks to some friends- Shout out to Donna & Larry)! We didn't get to the decorating until Monday night :)

My children "helping" with the lights.

Who needs Christmas morning presents when you get to pull the ornaments out of the Christmas box??? He was seriously thrilled which each one he unwrapped.... Oh to be two.

Apparently Malakai thought tree decorating should include dessert :)
The decorating was especially fun this year with a 2 year old (even if he does try to eat our ornaments)!

The 2011 Christmas Tree :) 

Our night closed w/ this...

the sing-off Christmas special

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  1. We got our tree a Hutchinson's too! He does look like Santa!!! Will thought he was!! I love the pictures with the Christmas lights!!


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