Thursday, September 20, 2012

overflowing with favor

Thankful Thursday? I've got an easy peasy one for ya.


I really could say nothing more & that would be enough. Really & truly. However, I will say a little more...

Not only did I get to watch this happen yesterday...

...but I also gave into demands for butterfly kisses...

... And really I get to watch this happen pretty much everyday...

But then...

God knocked the socks off of my family this week. And let's be real, we're not even wearing socks this time of year so that's pretty dang amazin'! We are truly feeling loved & cared about not only by the Lord & his gracious, humbling provision but also by our church family. (cue floodgates)

Sometimes God chooses to totally bless you when you feel the most undeserving. When you've decided to settle with "it is what it is." He is SO much bigger than that. So much more than whatever "it" is. I know that. This week, He thought He'd settle that in my heart a bit more. 

Grace. I am so incredibly undeserving but his love & favor just continue to be poured out. It is a beautiful thing to be confident in Him. Completely unmerited but completely accepted. I am blown away once again by the love of our Lord & savior. Really my words aren't even coming out in anyway close to what I am feeling inside.

Family- you have blessed us.  

So much my heart could burst. 

These lyrics are sitting heavy with me tonight because of all His goodness. They are from a song by Austin Stone, Praise to the Lord.

And I'll walk with you
Through the fire and the rain
You'll carry me
When my hope seems undone

Praise to the Lord, oh my soul
Praise to the Lord, for all that you are
You are the hope of my soul
Praise to the Lord, for all that you are

I'm broken
Yet perfectly sewn
Your story
A masterful tone

He never lets go. He is perfect in every way and sees our every need. He is never unprepared or late or in a hurry. He isn't confined or worried. He is God. He is powerful. And He is alive.


  1. Just remember, Grace is a GIFT from God. You do not earn it, as long as your heart is open, you will receive it. I love all of you. HUGS your honorable ancestor.

  2. Oh, trust me, I know it cannot be earned. :) Love you!!!


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