Thursday, September 6, 2012

favorite days

Favorite things.

Simply put.

These. People.

btw- this is their newest favorite thing... diving/swimming.
they do it in the bathtub as well.
and are so proud of it!

this is my Ava girl 
she is hilarious and such a sweetie.
she also puked all over herself today when we were on our way to a friends house.
unfortunately or fortunately, we are well versed in taking apart and washing carseats.

lilly is super smiley and such an explorer.
she has bruises on her head and a gash in her foot right now.
but she is also a lil mama and a sweet soul.

malakai never stops.
he is always into something.
but he loves his sister somethin' awful.
and is the sweetest little daddy's boy I've ever seen.
and he has the best hair.

malakai, the train conductor.

Ava looks super uncomfortable here but she laid like this on purpose and was totally chillin out. 

friday favorite things | finding joy

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