Friday, April 20, 2012


Today was fun.

Usually Thursdays that start out with my husband leaving for a few days do not go great.

Today was good.

Intentionality is key. 

You guys, my son likes to play with me. He loves it. Don't get me wrong, he plays alone quite well. Sometimes he even tells me to, "please leave." Today, he wanted to play. So we did. 

1&2. Hulk. Scares babies. Especially Lilly.
3&4. Kite flying! So fun!
5-8. Playing pretend.
9. Taken a few days ago but a super sweet moment that needed documenting.

He's 3. He says the most ridiculous things. Like sometimes, I can barely handle it. Also, I need to carry a notebook to record all the ridiculousness. We made new friends. Played with old ones. And just plain had a great time. 

One short story:
Tonight, as is the routine, I instructed him to go potty & get a pull-up because it was almost bed time. He went in the bathroom, pottied and returned holding out his empty hands. I reminded him that I told him to get a pull-up. To which he replied, "I did! It's right here! I need you to help me put it on." I laughed as he proceeded to put on the (imaginary) pull-up. I told him that was great but he also needed a real pull-up. He rolled his eyes, took the imaginary pull-up off, huffed and put it on the couch before returning to the bathroom to retrieve a real one. 

Seriously? What am I going to do with this kid?

Anyway, today was a lesson in new beginnings, getting out of a rut & SPRING! Thank you, Jesus, that your mercies are new EVERY morning. 

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  1. Aww!! Looks like you had so much fun ;) he sounds sooo cute!!!

    1. hehe, yeah, he pretty much is :) (when he's not being a rotton 3yr old, that is- haha) I actually thought about linking up this post with you today for funny kids stories :)

  2. So fun! You're funny little guy will probably continue to say funny things. I just wrote about some of the things my 12 year old funny guy says to me. I loved your photos and the Bible passage you posted. Thanks for sharing!


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