Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Better Late than Never (July 4th)

So wow, I've pretty much sucked at blogging this month! We've been pretty busy & summer days are quickly slipping away. Many have returned to school (YUCK!) and fall will be here before we know it! Before that happens, I wanted to share some of the fun stuff we've done this summer :)

I'll start with the July 4th party we were so blessed to attend with our family in Kentucky. I finally was able to finish editing the photos so I will now share a "few" with you :)

So, these are all the little cousins that were running around :) Don't we make the absolutely most adorable children???

So sweet! I love these little tunnels! They are so fun for kiddos & super easy to fold up and store away :)

What summer party is complete without a pool? This was a wonderful addition to the annual party! Super fun for the littles & a nice way to cool off!

(top L) Aunt B in usual fashion... isn't it wonderful how little ones are always undressing you in public?
(top R) my parents w/ the kiddies
(bottom L) Aunt Liz & Austin being silly + all the other kiddos sitting around waiting for fireworks
(bottom R) cutie patootie Liam :)

Some super sweet moments :)

<3 lots of dirty little adorable toes :) Who needs shoes???

I love these photos of the kiddos in the boat :) They are just too sweet :)


Ever wonder how to get 7 children to sit & wait for fireworks??? 

Uncle Charles found a frog... the boys were loving this! 

I was really excited how some of the fireworks shots came out! So fun & colorful!

Just a little peek into our family party! It was hard to narrow it down but I think this gave a pretty good idea of how awesome & fun of a time we had! We really enjoy every chance we get to spend with our family!!! 

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  1. Great pictures, as always!! Glad that you were able to go this year. :)


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