Wednesday, August 29, 2012



Michael grew up taking rides on the tractor with his Papaw and I am thankful that my children have begun to build similar fond childhood memories. Due to some unfortunate events this historic land will be seeing some changes in the near future but I can only hope that my kiddos will learn to love and hold on to their heritage the way that their Daddy has.

Cain kids, you have some of the most loving, gracious, caring family around. You are loved more than you know and are cherished beyond measure. You guys, the man in this photo is one of the most generous, kind, patient, hardworking men I have ever met. It should be noted that your Daddy has some of Papaw's best qualities.

Will you remember these rides? 

Will it always bring a smile to your faces when you think back on your Papaw and the farm and the tractor? 
Hot summer days, cool crisp fall, snowy winter, the new life in spring.

There is just something so pure, so refreshing about being in the country. 
Away from it all.

Cain kids, you have the privilege of experiencing something that has withstood the test of time. 

What is it that draws your little hearts to this place?
Maybe the simplicity.
Fresh Air.
His beautiful creation.
Or maybe for now, it is just the fun of being with people that love you so very much.

Malakai's face lights up with pure joy when he recognizes we are going to "the farm!"

I love it. 
It makes my heart glad to see the connection. 
He would spend hours & hours "working" on the tractor with Papaw if he could. 
Such a sweet relationship they have.

Papaw's face lights up with pride when Malakai crawls up into his lap.

Or my niece shoots him a gorgeous smile.
Or when the littlest girls see him & yell,
"HI, PAPAW!!!"

I am postitive my in-laws take one look at these little ones and are immediately taken back nearly 30 years in their minds. Flash backs that feel more real than just memories. The beautiful thing is that although many years have passed and seasons have come and gone, things really aren't so different.

The barns.
The cows.
The tractor.
The farm House.
The smells.
The trees.
It's all there.

Some have gone & are dearly missed.

But a new generation is emerging.
New faces. New names.
Surrounded by love and family.
A new generation welcomed by the 
& smells of
The Farm.

Papaw, thank you for these memories. 
The lessons of hard work & simple living. 
The appreciation for family & all the love it brings.

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  1. Wonderful sarah! Can't help but to love my daddy. He is truly an angel on earth

  2. These are quite simply adorable photos - beautiful keepsakes captured, that show a lot of true love and emotion! Lovely :)
    (and thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too!).


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