Friday, August 17, 2012

My Brother

Today is a big day! My brother has finally completed his USMC training and will be reunited with his family after 9 long months! Whew! GO CHARLES!

 Military life is like nothing else. Many people can only imagine the sacrifices that are made on a daily basis to serve our country.  My brother missed birthdays, holidays, vacations & just simply the daily ins & outs of his little guys (if you have children, you realize the changes that happen over 9 months!). He hasn't been to war but has committed to go if called. You guys, that is honorable. 

Unfortunately, my little fam lives 600 miles to far from where they will be celebrating his homecoming. I suppose the least I could do iss publicly announce how proud I am of him & his family! So overjoyed  for them and would be at that cookout in a heartbeat if I could!

Charles & Whitney, 
I am so incredibly proud of you! It has not been an easy time but you have finally reached the goal!! 

Charles, I am so proud of all that you've accomplished during this time away. You persevered when giving up seemed like it would make more sense. 

Whitney, you trudged through day after day, full-time caring for 2 young boys and working a full-time job outside of your home! You are a super mama and don't let anyone tell you different! 

Now you both are able to look forward to your future together- stronger and closer than ever!  Praying for the Lord's abundant blessings on you!
I love you all so, so much!!! 


(these photos are ones that I took at his basic training graduation)


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