Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Caca- to eat or not to eat?

Once upon a time (a week ago tonight) there was a little boy named Malakai. This little boy was as curious and mischievous as Curious George. Most of the time his mishaps mostly require a clean-up, timeout, or lesson. On Tuesday he thought he'd step it up a bit... although it took a few days to take affect.

Have you ever wondered what a hand rail might taste like? Or maybe you just wonder what it would feel like on your tongue in chilly fall weather. Would it stick? Would your tongue freeze? 

It is unclear what exactly was running through my son's head last Tuesday night. Whatever it was caused him to reach out his tongue and taste the hand rail. Did I mention this hand rail was on the bleachers at a high school soccer game? Oh, no? Well then, yes, it was on the bleachers at a high school soccer game. 

Malakai seemed confused when we reacted with such horror at his act of curiosity. After the past few days, I now know, I should have poured a bottle of sanitizer in his mouth. (notreally) (okaymaybe) One after another my children have dropped like flies due to being infected with Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (aka Coxsackie virus aka it comes from POOP!) So my son tasted a little poop. #yum 

Unfortunately my girls are having to endure the terrible consequences of their brother's caca ingestion. And I fear, my nephews are as well :( (sorry Whitney!!!!) Praying all the parents can manage to stay well #aintNOBODYgottimefodat #justsayin and yes, I enjoy using useless #hashtags in my blog posts. #hatersgonnahate

On a super positive mama note: I love sicky baby cuddles. They are pitiful and pouty but are absolutely the sweetest things.

whine, whine, whine, sleep.

Mommy will you pleeease hold me in the rocking chair?

**Also, just a little reminder about my personal Soldier Care Packs fundraiser**

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  1. Thinking Tay might have a touch of that too, but unsure... A mouth full of canker sores... poor kid! Wonder who's poop she was eating...no, no really... just sayin'. Feel better and enjoy those snuggles<3


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