Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Revelations of a 4 Year Old

Malakai is so funny. It is amazing to watch his mind work through things. He's really smart but that stinkin brain development only allows him to get so far...

Our bedtime convo was spurred on by a photo he saw on facebook. A few weeks ago there was a fundraiser for a local christian school that allowed people to meet Duck Dynasty Willie and a few others from the family. One of the families in our church got to meet and take a photo with them. He was amazed! How did they get in that photo?! I told him they met them and took a photo w/ them. "They're REAL?!" Yes, they are real. "But they're on TV!????" Poor kid, he thought he had this whole real/pretend thing figured out. On TV=not real. 

Summary of our bedtime conversation...

He wants us to take a day (b/c I told him it would take at least that long to get to where they live) and drive to their house, knock on the door, & meet them. It's okay that we don't know them because when we tell them our names, we will. Plus, we watch them on t.v. so we already know them. 

My attempts to explain his flaws... 

Just because we watch someone on t.v. doesn't mean we know them and definitely doesn't mean they know us. Plus, it isn't polite to go to someone's house without permission. 

...were futile... 

"Call them," he said. And since we don't have their #? "Just type all that stuff in and get it." If that doesn't work, apparently we can just knock on people's doors til we get it. 

DUH! Why didn't I think of that???

Oh, and if we drive there and knock on their door & "he" answers & says, "Hi, Willie!", I will be very angry. Well, not angry but disappointed. But not crying. I won't cry. I will tell him, "My name isn't Willie! It's Malakai!"

Then he asked why "they" (the people in the photo) met them. Do they know Willie?

I explained, no, they paid $ for tickets to go to an event & meet them.   And the million $ question, folks....

"Why do we pay money to meet people we don't know?!"

Hahaha! Love his little brain! He's smarter than most of us!

I feel a little bad about how confused he was when he went to sleep, though.

His final request...

Take the day- TOMORROW- and drive to see, "What's the name of that man with all the animals that Nana always watches? Oh, yes, Dr. Pol." He wants to go meet The Incredible Dr. Pol. I said, "But you're not an animal." "NOOOOO!!!! I don't need fixing! I just want to meet him!" 

This whole real people on t.v. thing has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him!!! HAHA! 

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