Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Show

So I was just going to post these photos to facebook but then I decided it was too funny and should be documented in el blog. 

One should always fear quiet happy children in the playroom. (I believe there is even a meme for this) This is especially true for my 3 that have been stuck in the house bickering for a good part of this rainy day. This afternoon however, my son, the artist, chose the 2 most adorable canvases with which to display his latest works.

It went like this...

M- Mommy, remember when you took pictures of Lilly when she drew on herself?
Me- Yeeees.
M- Why did you do that?
Me- kind of ignoring bc I really don't want to encourage this behavior.
M- Mommy? Why? Why did you take her picture when she drew all over herself? Are we allowed to do that?
Me- No, you aren't allowed to do that. And just because. I wanted to.

M- LOOK Mommy! She's ready for the show!

::enter:: Ava.

Me- Is this why you asked? You drew all over her?! What in the world?! ugh. 
M- But Mommy! But Mommy! She's ready for The Show! Look! She's ready for the show!
Me- shaking my head

::enter:: Lillian.

Well, you get the point. And he continued to insist they were ready for The Show.

Me- Are you wanting me to take their pictures? Is that why you keep talking about The Show?

So- you're welcome. Consider yourself entertained.

The Artist
**Disclaimer- He used completely washable markers and all of it came off with ease)**

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