Thursday, January 5, 2012

Couldnt send him a birthday card...

So he gets a blog post that he won't be able to see for 2 months :-) 
(unless of course, I print this off and mail it to him)

This post is dedicated to my brother, Charles, who's b-day was last week.

My "little" brother

Let me tell you about my oldest younger brother.

Awesome suspenders, am I right?

25 years ago, God gave me my first brother. 

I am about Malakai's age in this photo! This family made one proud Daddy to finally have his 1st BOY!

My memories aren't very clear that far back so I don't remember holding him as a little tiny thing but I'm pretty sure my 2.5 yr old self tried to squeeze him to death. Certainly, I didn't appreciate my little brother nearly as much as I do today but I know I loved him. 

Being blessed with 3 older sisters can feel like... less-than a blessing at times. The best of friends and the worst of friends, as they say :)

 We picked on one another and fought and screamed and yelled. We also had lots of good times- playing, laughing, learning and enjoying life together. 

This photo brings tears bc I cannot believe we were those children and now we have children!

Courageous family man. He is stepping into unknown territory to better himself, his family and his country.

Hardworking husband and a father of 2 beautiful boys :)

Ardent (I had to look this one up... thanks, Bekah! It's not a regular in my vocab but a good adjective for charles nonetheless). 

Ready to roll with the punches. He has been through some tough times but it is evident the older he gets that he is learning and growing and becoming a better person through all of it.

Leadership is a natural gift for this man. People are drawn to him. 

Excellence is his standard. If he's going to do something, it's going to be the "best." (Just ask him why he chose USMC over any other branch-haha)

Saved by grace.

How about those CURLS!

Acronyms are a bit cliche and over-used and a little corny but it was a quick way to describe to you the kind of brother and person he is. 

So, Charles, I love you. We are cheering you on from the side-lines (aka, here at home where we don't get to see or talk to you). Can't wait to see you at the finish line, a better & stronger man, husband, father & brother. The Lord has his hand on your life!!!

Love you MUCH!!! 

The people he misses the most!

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