Tuesday, January 10, 2012


* Stars or Mud *

"Two women looked through prison bars. 
One saw stars.
Source: cooljeweledmoon.tumblr.com Pinterest

The other saw mud."


Recently, I sat down with two index cards ready to categorize my circumstances/life into positives and negatives. It isn't really possible for me to list every single circumstance in my life on two index cards but still, the lists were revealing... 

For as much good as there is in my life, I complain far too much.

 Interestingly, the negatives weren't all that easy to list because every time a negative would pop into my head, my brain would go, "but if it weren't for that, you wouldn't have this and you wouldn't trade that for the world." We are very blessed at this point in my life, to not have tons of adversity. I mean we aren't wealthy, but God provides. He always provides. My kids have been sick with one virus after another the past couple of months but I know they will get better. I have a friend who's son ends up at John's Hopkins every time he gets a cold. My house may be a challenge to keep even picked up (much less clean) but I can thank God for a roof over our heads and little hands to make messes. I just know I truly, truly love my kids and family and no matter how many sleepless nights I endure or # of times I get puked on, I wouldn't trade this life for anything!  Not a single thing. 

Most certainly there are days that I miss my "freedom" w/o children. I miss taking a shower whenever I want to or even just regularly- haha :) Many days I wish the piles of laundry would wash themselves or even just to have a washer and dryer in my apartment. Days I wish that tonight would be the beginning of the end of being woken up by one of my kids in the middle of the night. And every single day after being bitten by my girls while they were nursing, I wish they wouldn't have and wouldn't ever, ever again. I might even add that my son just put a banana peel in the trash toilet- certainly a negative I could do without. The list could go on


I have a husband that loves me. I mean he really, really loves me. And he loves Jesus and he loves our kids! He'd do anything for us. THAT is worth it all. But that isn't all. I have a sweet boy that loves his mama and his papa. And knows he is super, super loved. He is funny and sweet and has the most gorgeous, big brown eyes and shaggy hair. And then there's those little genetic duplicates. Two of the most adorable blessings to date. Little toothy smiles that melt your heart. Cuddles from my little monkeys and sleeping babies on my chest. Not to mention all the friends we are surrounded with that truly are more like family. 

When I set my eyes on Jesus' love and righteousness, there is hope and peace and JOY. Honestly, without Jesus, I'm pretty sure I'd mostly see mud. I know that is true because in those times when all I see is the junk around me, it is usually because my eyes are myself. When I'm looking to Jesus, I can see the stars like on a dark night in the middle of nowhere and it is beautiful.

Facing adversity, we are left with two choices. Will you choose to wallow in selfishness, focusing on all the yuck??? Or will you choose joy believing that your savior loves you more than you could ever fully understand and will never leave you side? 

Some days I choose mud. 
Today, Lord, help me to choose to see your wonderful works.

**Stars & Mud quote taken from the book, Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow.


  1. Why is putting a banana peel in the trash a negative?

  2. A very important reminder! Great post.


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