Friday, January 6, 2012

Heart of a Fighter

Simply the most adorable little big chubby cheeks you've ever seen!

Today I want to share with you the story of my dear sweet friend, Amanda. Her family has been through some hard times over the past year or so and I wanted to take this post to allow her to share their story. Not so you can feel sorry for her but to introduce her to what we call, Rambo's Heart.

So without further ado:


Rambo was born in December of 2010. He is our fourth child. We were aware of his heart defect before birth (hence his nickname Rambo - a fighter) but were completely unaware of all the complications that would follow suit. To see all of his conditions and procedures you can visit our blog, Rambo's Rampageshere. The doctors say he's one of a kind and, boy, do they have that right. He keeps them guessing. After his birth he was supposed to be in the hospital for no more than 2 weeks with a surgery around 6 months to correct the heart defect. That 2 weeks turned into a 4 month stay with trips between the PICU and NICU too many times to count, 5 surgeries, countless infections, and several 'close calls'. There was also one really large miracle and many many more fun/interesting stories to be recalled. All of which lead to the fact that Rambo has lived up to his name in every sense of the word. I suppose after stumping the doctors for many months Rambo got tired and decided home wouldn't be too bad of a place to be after all. Which basically brings us to the present- a roller coaster ride in and of itself.

Rambo's Heart is an effort started by some of our friends to help raise funds for things that insurance does not cover and to help offset some of the expenses that come with this new found territory; ie: gas to doctors appointments, hospital parking coupons, etc. What has started as a way to help our family, we would love to see expand to reach other families. Families who find themselves in similar situations so that they know from the beginning they are not alone and continue to help them throughout their journey. What that will look like exactly we don't know. But, after having been there I know there are a lot of gaps to be filled and we would like to help do that.  Whatever/however God decides to use that is His plan and we are willingly along for the ride.   

For more specific information or to make a donation feel free to email me. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you continue to join us in our adventures with Rambo!


Click here to donate $1 for Rambo's Heart

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