Tuesday, February 21, 2012

As Promised

Today was a bit crazy and has left me surprised that I am even able to sit here and write this post. 

Currently the KY Wildcats are playing on ESPN and my husband is watching them try to comeback from the most ridiculous 1st half of basketball we've had to watch for a while INSTEAD of packing for our really fun road trip coming up :) While he still has yet to pack just his clothes, I have packed 3 kids and myself... including (but certainly not limited to) shoes, socks, misc medicines, a trip to Target to pick up snacks and a few other essentials. Granted, he did work all day but we'll keep that in the fine print...

Now on to sharing my crazy day with you...

I had every good intention of taking fun 15 month check up photos but I'm sure you can imagine, taking twins to the doc (even with the amazing help of a good friend) is crazy to say the least. Although just the girls were being seen, Malakai also tagged along. So 3under3 at the pediatrician- yikes! 

Now for the stats...

I was shocked how different their weights were & that Lilly was bigger!

The girls are growing well and getting more adorable every day. I was looking at one of them yesterday and it really hit me how fast they are growing up. They are saying phrases and more words than I can count. They tease and play and have more personality than I can even begin to describe. Life would be boring and incomplete with out these two little miracles!

And here are a couple of shots I got of them at the end of our visit b4 the tears thanks to good 'ole 15 month vaccines :'( 


All of the above was before 11 a.m.

Following the appointment we headed home for Motrin and naps. Malakai was scheduled to have his hair cut at 1:30 and I wanted him happy and rested before putting the poor stylist through what could be a(n) horrifying interesting experience. My plan went wonderfully and he was in good spirits for his 2nd haircut! Unfortunately, my brain failed me and I didn't get my phone/camera out until it was almost finished. It is probably better though because it would have just irritated him and probably made him squirm.

(consider the mustache toothbrush photo above your "before")

Ya'll, he was so SO good today! I was incredibly proud of him for sitting still and being extremely patient. No tears, no whining! Such a good boy! I am looking forward to it growing out a bit but overall, I couldn't be happier with how things went and how the haircut turned out. Worth every penny.

So he pretty much grew up about seven years. Folks, I walked out of that salon with a 10 year old. For those of you wondering, no I didn't cry. Although, I wanted to every time I looked at him tonight. Seriously though, look at that boy- 
he is too adorable for words!


  1. You can really see his daddy's features in some of the expressions now that you can see his eyes.. although, I love, love, love the long hair too! One beautiful bunch of 3 under 3. Have a safe and awesome trip!!!! xoxoxo

  2. He is the perfect blend of Farley and Cain! Uhm, but seriously, where did that baby go?!???


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