Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Only Every 4 Years

Blogging on February 29th is a must... I mean come on, it only happens every 4 years :)

Today I have a couple of totally unrelated things to share...

First of all:

Please, please, please, if you pray, lift up little Rambo and his family. His little body has been stewing for a while now with some kind of virus or something and today he is headed to the hospital. Unfortunately, his body doesn't even deal well with a common cold but he has been admitted after being diagnosed with RSV :(

Pray for peace, REST and healing!

Presenting the "cutest baby in the whole entired world" (quote by Emma 4yrs old)
Next on the agenda is sharing with you some of the happenings of my brother's USMC Family Day that we spent in Parris Island, SC. I will share his graduation day in another post.

The morning came early and the day was long but it was soooooo worth it! I've never been so excited to see my brother or anxious to give him a hug!

We were up by 4, showered, 3 kids up, dressed, on the depot and lining the streets by 6am! Makes me tired just thinking about it! Family Day is kicked off with a motivational run at 7:15.

Mama, this is TOO early!

Malakai looking sad but really he was just tired

I think this about sums it up :) (this is my nephew)

The fam anxiously waiting

sharing his flag :)

Showing some PLT 1009 support 

A wife that CANNOT wait to see her hubs!

Finally, all the newest Marines were headed our way. My brother's platoon was the 3rd to pass by. It was funny because the MP's that were patrolling the area told everyone to get out of the street-completely- because you would get plowed over. They literally told people, they won't stop for you, they will just run you over... yeah, they don't play! 

As fast as they came, they were gone again... 
and then back again!

Where's Charles??? :)

Following the run, we waited around for a couple of hours and then headed to the All Weather Center where the Marines would reunite with their families :) The wait was anxious and exciting. I can only imagine the emotions that were building up in my sister in-law! How she managed to stay in her seat when he was so close... yikes!

Good 'ole family briefing before they released the Marines for liberty.

And here they come!

Malakai was enthralled! He couldn't take his eyes off the "army guys"
good grief, it was HOT in there!
1st in 3 looooooong months!!!


Add caption

SO excited to see him!

Back together- FINALLY

I love this moment... even if it wasn't an ideal angle
(there were TONS of people crammed in this area)

whaaaaaat is going on?

This was where Malakai was telling his uncle,
"I'm gonna be a Marine!"

Trying on his "cover"

Then, we got to meet the 3 guys that made his life hell for 3 months...

These men have a tough job and seemingly, do it very well. Hats off to the men that serve to train up not only new Marines but also new leaders!

So happy to be back together!

If it weren't for the humidity, heat & BUGS...
I could totally dig this beautiful place!

side note:: apparently you should let young children- especially diapered children- play w/ spanish moss. A stranger informed us that they have mites that like to make themselves comfy in diapered bottoms.... ew!

daddy's watch is awesome!

"yellow footprints"

So this is where it all began. I'm betting you could ask any Marine where their "yellow footprints" are and they could take you right to them. Charles stood there with only six other guys the day he arrived. This is literally where he took his 1st step to becoming a Marine.

Our son is a Marine!

This is where he slept for the past 3 months.
If you know my brother, you should ask him some time about those washcloths... or maybe you shouldn't... :)

Aiden & Ava seem to have a special bond :)

showing is all their shtuff...

My Soldier w/ my Marine brother
SO proud of these men!


So, this is just family day. I'm sorry if the photos were a bit of an overload... you could have hit your back button so I guess I'm not really all that sorry but whatever ;) I will share graduation day with you soon. 

Truly, this was an honor to be a part of. I am so proud of my brother and all he has accomplished. I am looking forward to seeing what his future holds :)

Love you, brother!

"Some people spend an entire lifetime wondering, if during their life on earth, they made a difference in the world. But, the Marines don't have that problem."

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  1. Awesome! I thank God for your two soldiers and all the others who have put their lives on the line for their country! Proud to be friends and love even just one military family<3<3


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