Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Okay, so it's really time to get back on the regular with this whole blogging thing.

Jack Frost must be rebelling. I mean this is supposed to be his time of year but he certainly isn't showing up here in MD. I'm not really complaining. It just makes me a little nervous to really enjoy the 60+ degrees we've had. I mean really- January 31st and we could pretty much wear short sleeves. In Maryland. Good 'ole Jack's gonna have a goooood laugh when he finally decides to show up... chances are, he'll find us all with our pants down sleeves up.

Regardless of how uncanny these temperatures are for the good old eastern shore, we are taking advantage. Twice within the past week, TWICE, we've made our way to the "big park." It is so fun to watch the girls toddle around :) (I'll get a vid of the walking up soon) I can recall going to the park before they were born imagining have 3. Even just a few short months ago, all three in tow, looking forward to watching the 3 of them playing together, seeing the girls walking around in my mind's eye. Unfortunately, it was way more glamorous in my mind. haha :) While I do enjoy watching them and having them walking rather than crawling on the ground, the logistics really do not allow me to take them by myself. They literally go in 3 directions and FAST! :) 

::side note::  while writing this, my son has "sipped" about 1/3 of my coffee. I'm gonna pay for that very soon....

Considering I began writing this post this morning... when I was still drinking my coffee... and it is now 11pm, I am going to leave you with some photos I took with my phone over the past couple days/weeks. 


#1 wonderpets. #2 Ava taught her this. #3 hour and a half.

#1 Adorable Ava. #2 "The Boss"

Ava = pink & green, Lilly = purple & pink


Never buy shakes from malakai- he will eat them before you ever have the chance to try it.

2 things: My girls are growing up. Sleeping kids = should have just stayed in the van.

So there ya have it. 
Now I think I'll make like a baby and head out... 
wait, no. 
As Mikey says, I'm gonna get horizontal.
I'm going to bed.

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  1. Man, they're cute!! I absolutely have no idea how you do it. I think you're super woman!


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