Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Potty Time v.3

Whew! So glad yesterday is over and today is a new day! 

Decided today can be potty update day :)


Ava will sit on the potty all day if you let. I try to get her down and it's always, "potty again, Mommy! potty again!" I'm like, how many times can you pee in 3 mins????? 

Lilly has her own way of getting on the potty. Not sure if these would be deemed inappropriate but I think some of them are  hilarious. She actually likes to sit on the potty backwards- silly girl.

Overall, the girls are pretty much in the same place they were in my last update. Not much has changed but I have lacked the necessary motivation to get it done. I'd like to organize a couple of days to get Malakai out of the house & spend the whole time concentrated on potty time. May try to borrow a little potty from someone so we can have 2 peeing at one time- plus they wouldn't have to climb to go.

The girls are definitely ready, it is just a matter of effort to finish it up. I am really looking forward to no.more.diapers. Anyone with advice, feel free to chime in.

**Oh and just for the record, I'm listening to Presidential election coverage in the background and it is making me sick so I won't be losing any sleep over this... time.for.bed. And yes, I did vote.** #sogladitsalmostover


  1. Not too many people can make pictures of the toilet look good! But you do!! Too cute :)

    1. Thanks :) You know, I do what I can :) It's going to be great in a few years when they want to kill me for putting these on the worldwideweb :) And I didn't even post my favorite one... too much hiney :) lol

  2. These photos are wonderful, your girls are both cute!

  3. These photos are wonderful, your girls are both cute!


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