Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Quiet


It means something different to those of us with mobile children. You know what I'm talking about. You're just in the other room attempting to (quickly) accomplish something besides chasing children- all the while, they are running amuck, little screams & laughter filling air. And then. The air becomes still and you start to almost relax as your ears are being given a small reprieve from the constant noise when your brain snaps back and you realize what you're hearing is:

The Quiet.

This quiet is (usually) never good. It is always just a little too quiet. It usually involves artistic walls, removed diapers, torn books, toilet paper strewn all over or maybe even your toilet filled with half a pack of wipes.

And you never wished more for noise than right then.

Five minute Friday.... brought to you on Saturday (as always around here). I'm not sure if I managed to do a single post on a friday last month and have failed so far this month as well. pish posh... it is what it is. We were having good times with good people so I feel no guilt or shame :) And if you need a fun writing exercise in your life, clink on the link and get hooked up! 

Five Minute Friday


  1. That reminds me of how mad mom was when we colored on the walls. The fact that I was old enough for that to be a memory makes me wonder what on EARTH we were thinking.

  2. Ha, yes. I don't have children, but I have heard this many times from mother friends and I smiled when I read this. There is a quiet as a mom that is not usually good! I hope you get some of the quiet you crave soon, even in little pockets, that refreshes your heart.

  3. I so feel ya! Been there done that. Magic erasers are a Godsend! lol...even for Sharpies! lol

    1. yeeeaaah... my children really do see the walls as empty canvases just waiting to be filled. Oh well- if I owned the house, I might just leave some of the marks permanently as memories :) and yes, I LOVE magic erasers! haha :)


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