Saturday, November 3, 2012

Take Five on Saturday

Considering it only takes 5 mins, you would think I could manage to squeeze one of these out actually ON Friday but it seems my brain is fried by the time I sit down to write. It's all good, I'm embracing my lateness and claiming my 5 on Saturday :) This week is all about Roots. 



Roots. Stability. Foundation. Life. 

Roots dig down deep and find the water.

Roots are the beginning of growth.

I am rooted and grounded in love.

As a friend.

As a daughter.
As a mother.
As a wife.
As a christian.

I am rooted in love.

Without Christ, who IS love, my relationships are meaningless.

I am rooted in love.

Without roots, I cannot live.

I am rooted in love.


Five Minute Friday


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