Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Stills (A borrowed Idea)

This is not an original idea but it only takes about 5mins to write and is fun so I'm using Rachel's idea of Sunday Stills from over at Finding Joy. Go check her's out, she is has a beautiful heart that ministers to me every time I visit her blog.


Sunday Stills {v.1}

Today: enjoying time in quiet &spending the morning wtih the Saints

Want to Be: teachable & patient  with my houseful of littles.

Blessings: new music, the bottle of olive oil I was just given.

Thinking: I wish I hadn't made this bowl of food so spicy- my mouth is burning!

Planning: to have a good week & daily in his presence be.

Writing: is a wonderful outlet I wish I'd explored more growing up but thankful to be doing it now.

loving: my new music (sons & daughters) & She Reads Truth & my hardworking husband & Jesus that loves me with a steadfast & everlasting love.

grateful: for my children's forgiveness & good news

Today {again}: Is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

linking up w/ Rachel for Friday Favorite Things (on Sunday) :)

friday favorite things | finding joy


  1. Looking forward to Thanksgiving. We need to start talking food. Music - Have you listened to "Jesus Culture"? You should check it out.

    Love you babe.


    1. Yes, I've listened to Jesus Culture... love them :)

      Can't WAIT for Thanksgiving! Malakai keeps saying, "I wish I could go to Kentucky." lol

      Love you!


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