Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Potty Training Twins v.4

Potty Training Twins

An Update

Potty training twins... it kinda sucks... especially when you're being kind of lazy. There is twice the mess, twice the laundry, twice the time spent in the bathroom. Due to lack of motivation (and before mentioned overall laziness), I had kind of backed off a bit and not been very intentional about working with them. That was until, I found out that my friend's little boy (the girls' age) was potty trained over Christmas break- it just sparked that motivation again.  We've been working this thing for a while now and they should totally be finished with this "training" thing by now. That being said, we've been doing pretty well for the past couple of weeks.

Can I just say...? Taking potty training twins out in public is ridiculous and thus my main reason for resorting to pull-ups. Just the shear amount of time it requires to potty-break with these 2 little monsters angels is enough to make me crazy. But it can't be helped and is the means to an end so we just continue truckin' along. The pull-up thing mainly comes into play because accidents usually come in 2's and it is a lot of work and a lot of laundry to have an accident when you are at Target or worse- in the car. The nice thing is, when we are out, a lot of the time, they ask to go potty. They know they are covered but the public bathroom novelty hasn't quite worn off :) (EW.) As a matter of fact, when I was working the child watch at our gym his a.m., Lilly decided she would take care of this potty thing on her own & stripped right down & headed off to the bathroom. Definitely one of those moments when you're not sure whether to be proud or embarrassed. haha

At home, pull-ups = diapers so they go without when we're in the house. I believe their preference would be to hang out all nakey all the time but usually, they have something on their hiney & it stays dry much of the time these days :)

Overall, we are seeing progress and I think we will be all undies before too long :) It's almost time to rent that carpet steamer... almost.

And moments like this make it all worth it!
(Of course, eliminating those diaper purchases from our budget helps too)

Lillian & Ava
Christmas Day
btw- did anyone besides my dad notice that I posted a wordless-ish wednesday on TUESDAY??? Where is my brain?! Oh right, consumed by 3 brain sucking children- I kid. kind of.


  1. I am hyperventilating reading this....i don't wanna do it. ever!!!! haha

    1. bahaha, Krystle! Means to an end. Means to an end. Means to an end. :)

  2. cutest picture ever in life.

  3. I can only imagine what in entails for you to potty train with 3 under 3. My goodness you have your hands full!

    1. Haha, well thankfully my son is already potty trained! I would probably go insane if I was actually trying to do all 3 of them! It is crazy and busy and messy :)


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