Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wordless-ish Wednesday: A boy & his snow

Since the beginning of December, Malakai has been asking, praying, begging for snow to cover Maryland. Actually, who am I kidding? He only cared if it would snow in our yard. You can imagine his disappointment when I told him that Aunt Dorothy wouldn't make it for Christmas Eve because it was snowing where she lives... "Why isn't it snowing here, Mommy? It needs to snow at my house!"

So of course when the clouds finally left a white blanket in our front yard, we bundled up for the bitter cold and ventured outside for some icy fun!  

Is his hat not the most adorable thing? (Thanks, Aunt B!)

Love that cold little face- runny nose & all! :) I'm really wishing I had nailed this focal point... those snowflakes on his eyelashes- adorable!

Truly a beautiful day even though our fingers were becoming icicles!

Loving this shot- except that I cut the trees off but the color in the pond was so pretty.

This was Malakai being "excited" haha

I really love this boy. 

I had to bribe him to even come over for this photo and then there was snow on my lens so he looks like he's glowing, lol. I will share more photos my little snow angel girls another day :)

So Malakai spent most of the winter praying for snow. This was the only time it snowed enough to play in it and now that it is March, Mother Nature is looking to unload a nor'easter on us tomorrow.... lovely. just lovely.


  1. I guess you can use some words for wordless Wednesday ... since it is Tuesday;)

    Love those Runny Noses! I miss praying for snow and then watching the snowing light pole at night.

    1. wow. my brain is stupid. and that's right. I can do what I want. :):)

  2. I was pretty disappointed too, Kalkai.

    You can have all of my snow!

  3. I love this, and them!!! <3 <3
    Grammy :}


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