Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring Happy Birthday

Every year, while the world celebrates the 1st day of spring, my family & I have the privilege of celebrating my Daddy's birthday. What an awesome day to have a baby :) My grandma was a lucky lady :) 

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I shared this photo because for me, it was such a proud moment as a daughter. If you don't know what this is, it is my Daddy passing the family "mantle" so to speak on to my new husband. To have my father place such value on my life and well-being spoke volumes to me & my new husband. He set the standard for how a Daddy should look at his daughter and care for his children. It meant the world to me that he would take the time during my wedding ceremony to make a public proclamation that he was passing his daughter to this young man. THAT is what every daughter needs. To know that her daddy loves her so much, that he cares so much that he would do anything and everything to protect & love her. That not just any man will do but that when it is the right one, he will love him, respect him and honor him. 

I love my Daddy and today I have spent many moments reflecting on how grateful I am to have been given such a wonderful man to set the standard. Today, I say, Happy Birthday & thank you, God for giving my dad breath.

Love you, Daddy!

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