Friday, March 1, 2013

March: It's Gonna Be Good

First off- I feel the need to point out that my little baby will be 4- FOUR years old in 11 days!!! How does this happen?! I also feel the need to mention that my eldest sister will be thirty. And my dad & daddums will be ... some other #'s... we quit counting. #notreally  Anyway- this is a big birthday month... so I'm dedicating this month of blogging to them. nabloplomo for the birthday people <3 (If you don't know what that is you can find out here) Expect a little bit of whatever I decide to write about including a lot about Malakai and some stuff about the special people I mentioned and everything in between :) 

my belly 4 years ago

literally about to pop!

Completely unrelated to birthdays but a significant happening in March- I was working out this morning & got my very first double under!!! And actually, I got two :) Most of you probably won't find that very impressive & maybe you don't even know what a "double under" is and that's okay :) I'm proud of this moment and the fitness progress I've made in the past few months. Remember this is the girl that was never athletic and avoided anything requiring strength and physical endurance at all cost, haha. So, it was a good moment and then when I was finished- I drove home in daylight- HEELLOOOO, SPRING IS COMING!


  1. Gee... thanks. :p

    Love you, meanie. <3

  2. Gee... thanks. :p

    Love you, meanie. <3


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