Thursday, March 14, 2013

Sister Friend

Happy Birthday Big Sister

Dorothy is the one wrapped in the pink blanket :)

Dorothy is my older sister. She'll always be a year older- thanks mama for that line :) 30 years ago, my parents were blessed by their first child. As a newborn she received a special place in the hearts of our grandparents as the very first granddaughter. 

She is special and wonderful and more loved than she knows.

Allow me to take a few minutes to share with you a few things about my big sister...

Anticipation :)

Most of my life was spent NOT appreciating all of Dorothy's wonderful attributes. Fortunately, I can spend the remainder of it redeeming what I always took for granted. 

Big sister holding chunky little sibling... is this Sam?

She is one of the most caring, sensitive people you'll ever meet. She's funny- especially when she isn't trying to be and even more so (according to her husband) when she is mad :) 

wuv, twrue wuv

She is a people pleaser. She'd do anything for anyone if they ask and she is able. She cooks, cleans and works hard for her family. 


Something I had a hard time understanding (and I still don't fully) is she has always been my biggest fan. Even when she acted like she hated me (sisterly love/hate) she was always supportive of everything I've done. I guess it confuses me because she has SO much going for her and I wasn't the nicest person to her- I don't know why she would cheer me on. She is smarter than I could ever hope to be. 

"The Girls"

She is beautiful inside & out. 

She inspires me to be a better person.

Looking beautiful & inspiring

She loves & is loved by children but especially my children. Hey, they love her so much they even blame her for breaking their toy from 2 hours away, hehe :) But seriously they love their Aunt Doty or is it Dorfy... or maybe it's Dothy... depends on the day/minute but either way, she is loved and thought of often.

Aunt Doty with "Turtle" (Malakai)

oh my gosh... they really were that little once!

She's a reader & a writer... creative & grifted. 

looking all pretty & such

 When I look at my sister today, I know she has SO much to be proud of for her 30 years of life. The best part is, she's just getting started. This isn't the time for over-the-hill, grave stones and black veils because she's never had more to live for than she does right now. 

awww :)

Time is such a funny thing. I remember when Aunt Lorie turned 30 thinking how far away that age seemed to me- like we'd never get there. Well Dorothy, we're here you're there. :)

I'm so proud to call you my sister. 
You are beautiful, smart and older errr...

Little Dorothy & Little Sarah

The best is yet to come!

Happy Birthday!!! I love you!!!


  1. Beautifully said! There is no relationship quite like that of the 2 oldest girls in a larger family. I can relate to the ups and downs and the love/hate relationship that changes and grows over the years. I'm glad to say that it's turned into 100% love and friendship as I've gotten older. Happy birthday, Dorothy!

  2. Well said Sarah, and true on every front. (Except the part about the baby picture...that's Lizzy, not Sam.) Love you guys! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOT-IN-THE POT. Not the time? Oh, whoops. Already pressed Publish.


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