Saturday, May 26, 2012


Haven't really done one of these little "monthly" updates for quite some time... 

18 months in & we're living life fuller than ever! 
What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger, right?

By all indications, they are growing, healthy, intelligent little 1.5 year olds.

They walk. Run. CLIMB like MONKEYS!
Seriously, they are all over everything & anyone! 
I'm glad they are strong & healthy
I'm just waiting for a big spill off the couch...
tv stand, bookshelf... FRIDGE?! (let's hope not)
There really is no telling how capable these girls are...

Where do I even begin?
They tell their brother to, STOP IT!
Both of them boss some but Ava is my bossy-pants.
Lilly is goofy. She will argue, 
yes/no, yes/no, yes/no
(being silly)
She also will tell you, funny. 
(As is, "I'm funny")
They will pretty much say/copy anything. 

My favorite addition to their vocab?
UGH! One conversation with my 3 yr old will reveal the source of this.
Thank you, son for making my soul die a little faster.

Regular things around the Cain house...
Not fighting.
Just for fun 
It never ends. 
All 3 just feed off of one another.
Sometimes I just have to walk away.
Or dig my eardrums out.

They are both working on k-9's
Ava, as usual is a little ahead of Lils in this game.

Lots o laughter round this joint.


They are still in the beginning stages of potty training. They will go when asked but do not practice much control or tell me they need to go. I'm okay with it, we'll just keep pressing forward :)

Generally, Lilly won't leave a ponytail in her hair. I don't know if they just bother her or what but after a few minutes she is pulling at it. She will, however, leave a headband in so that's what we've been doing to keep her ever growing hair out of her eyes :) [so along with differentiating them by color (pink A & purple L), you can add headband usually means Lilly]

Pretty much our lives are busy and incredibly amazing.
I am still in awe that the Lord chose to give us this double portion!
Ava & Lilly bring so much joy to our home- I really cannot imagine life without them.

Here are the stats from their appointment:

L: Lillian R: Ava


  1. sweet baby girls :) i can't wait to see them again :)

  2. they are adorable little peanuts! My little guy is 17 months and also a tiny peanut. :) Sounds like they keep you busy!!

    1. Yes, they are tiny :) I love it! :)


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