Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Computer stuff was put on "pause" while I obtained a new external hard drive and cleared off some photos & whatnot. All's well now. No more,
"Your hard drive is extremely full. DELETE SOME CRAP!"

Today is about the little things...

Last night, a friend came by and offered to watch our chillins so we could go to a meeting that just so happens to be next week. Since she was offering though, we asked if she'd mind hanging with little man (girls were in bed) so we could run to Wal-Mart- told you, my 2nd home. Ever so kindly, she agreed. Date night acheived! Look people, we take what we can get :)  She may never fully understand how wonderful that short time was for us! We had a fabulous night! 

Not to mention this beautitful sunset that met us as we walked out of wally world.

SO thankful for a husband I still like to date.
Thankful for our friends & family that make those dates possible.
Super blessed by a God that is a creative artist.

This morning, I captured a cute little moment

Malakai has made friends with 2 girls from the neighborhood. It is so funny to listen to the 3 of them interact. They bicker and tattle but yet love to play together. The girls bring him snacks and they play with his toys. This morning they all wanted to sit in chairs outside to enjoy their snacks. I certainly can't blame them... the weather is divine.

Malakai had to apologize for pretending to put a worm in her hair. 
He said, "Sorry that big huge worm bit you." Not quite, son. Not quite. 

Thankful for friends.
Incredibly thankful for my son's sense of humor.

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  1. The worm apology cracked me up.

  2. HAHA I LOL'd at the apology too. He tried. :D

    Thanks again for linking up!


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