Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Me, all put together- freshly showered. Lilly attempting to pull her brother in the wagon- she was actually somewhat successful... <3

Giving up on the

mama-with-3-kids-has-it-all-together image.

Seriously though, if you know me, you know I can't pull that off.

Especially when I try.

It doesn't mean I don't try though.

Giving up on daily showers.

Let's be real. That isn't a choice. 

3 yr old boy & Twin toddlers.
(need I say more)

Also, I've never had a habit of taking daily showers.

Honestly, these two things go hand in hand for this mama.

Today I took 3 children to the grocery. 
(sympathy cards can be mailed to...)

3 day old, greasy hair. 
(I should have taken a picture- it was seriously grody)

As you can imagine, by the time I reached the check out line...

Eggs had been dumped out of their carton and into my cart.
(I seriously wish I was making this part up)

my hair was falling out.

I was wishing for Gadget arms...

 and super glue to seal my daughters butts to their seats.


I had changed my name to 


Oddly enough...

It was exhausting & empowering.

My children don't have to starve another day.
(I kid.) 
(Or do I?)

For reals though...

I enjoyed my littles. 

Malakai never stopped talking.

Ava & Lilly smiled at every stranger.

People told me how beautiful my babies are.
(never tire of hearing those compliments.)

No temper tantrums.

No bloody noses 
(no doubt, he saved that for later in the afternoon)

So who cares if the lady at the register thought I was insane?
(She was actually SUPER nice & patient)

It's maybe a little true.
(or a lot true)

My life certainly isn't boring.

Who cares if people pity me?
(awwww. Bless her heart, her hands are so full, she can't even shower)

My hands are full.

Full of the greatest blessings I could have never asked for.

At moments they feel more full.

But this is good.

This is real good.


Showers are overrated.

Just sayin.

Have no doubt...
It doesn't mean I wasn't also happy for their bed time.

That first picture was real. So is this. And I'm okay with that.
A good life... of which I am so undeserving.

Linked up w/ Naptime Diaries for her series: Giving Up Good.


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  1. Wow you do have a lot going on huh! I would have probably cried or got cranky real quick, your children are blessed to have a mama who sees the beauty in everything, even the chaos :)

    Stopping by from Call Me Blessed link up :)


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