Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless-ISH Wednesday

My favorite little man...

This is the face I get when he'd pretty much rather be doing anything else... :)

Trying to comply and give mama a smile, haha

I mean could he be any more adorable???!!! Love it...

So, this looks like an out-take but this is Malakai just being plain old bossy pants. Hilar!

Yep, he's that cool.

I love this little face. I could smooch it all day long. 
I also love that there's a little food on his face. 
This is real life people.

Speaking of real life...

Wanna see the mountain top I had to pound out today?

Not exactly the kind of mountains I was referring to yesterday.
At least we now have some clean clothes around this joint ;)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. He is so handsome! Little men are my favorite :)

    1. Thanks! They are pretty awesome :)

  2. my little Malakai is getting SO STINKING BIG!!! please give him a smoochie from his Auntie Sarah... maybe I will take the megabus to Annapolis/DC sometime soon so I can visit my faves. <3

    ps- I see your mountain and I call it a hill compared to mine.. ;)


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