Monday, May 7, 2012

Lovely May Monday

Ever since Christmas time, I've sort of been in and out of a blogger's block of sorts. November was fun w/ the NaBloPoMo so maybe (even though I'm already a week into May) I will start that up again. Force myself to write and maybe some good stuff will come of it. Bonus- my family will stay for updated on the day to day- WINNING! :)

Starting this beautiful Monday off with a few photos from earlier this spring when my Kentucky Wildcats were busy winning the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! We were in Kentucky at the time and all the kiddos were dressed for the occasion...

Can we be done w/ these photos already???
Ava girl :)

We had a wonderful time visiting family and were super excited when we had the opportunity to be in Kentucky to be a part of the true blue madness that took over Lexington when the Cats won the Championship!

This was the girls discovering pretty flowers. Seriously adorable!

Ava, Lilly
 A rare occurrence to have them both sitting still next to one another. Love these little miracles!

4 outta 5 aint bad, haha

Yes, my hands are full. Full of life.
No, it isn't double trouble. Double Triple blessed.
My hair is dirty.

Little 'Big Blue' Toes

Lilly <3
Her smiles are contagious! Love that face!!! Such a beautiful little girl :)

So, you're welcome for the totally random post and super adorable photos!

Happy Monday!


  1. Made me smile..... even the crying one<3 Love you and your family<3<3<3

  2. Super cute pictures! Thats a great family shot too!


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