Monday, June 4, 2012



Lately I've been reading an on-line devotional called Soul Detox. 35 days concentrating on what God says about the words in our minds, ears, mouths & hearts. Taking toxic, life-sucking words & transforming them to fulfilling, life-giving words. I am on Day 15 but the newly created #shereadstruth community is on Day 19. Such a blessing to see social media being used to the glory of God! :)

Since beginning this daily devotional, I have been more aware of the Spirit moving. This weekend I had an incredible opportunity to see God move. I was reminded of his power to show his love in unique & specific ways. I was shown how much damage it can do to our spirit when we allow toxic thoughts to invade our minds & hearts. I was also shown how wonderful it is to see the Lord restore.

How good to know he goes before us to make a way and yet he still has our backs. Seriously y'all, I am feeling so overwhelmed by His goodness :) Whom shall I fear? No one because the creator of the universe has. my. back. I also made some new friends in the process so all I can say is, THANK YOU, JESUS!

Plus, any time your weekend includes waking up to a gorgeous morning on the water, cupcakes & facial masks, you know it has to be goood!


  1. Where is that devotional found at? A TON of stuff comes up when I search, but it sounds like something I want to read!

  2. If you go to it will explain a lot :) Also, you can go to and look for Soul Detox under the reading plans. Youversion has a mobile app as well & that is how a lot of people are doing it. :)


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