Thursday, June 28, 2012

Embrace the Camera: Little Stinker Style

You know? I wanted to "embrace" my daughters today BUT...

Apparently, Ava has gotten a bit too much taller or her reach has just a bit too far because....

She can now reach the top of her dresser from the inside of her crib and pull everything off the top- INTO her crib when...

She is SUPPOSED to be napping and...

Lilly has a huge swollen eye so...

I gave her benadryl which should have made her extra sleepy for that morning nap however...

she is STILL awake after over an hour in her bed.

Little stinkers. GO TO SLEEP! Don't you know have a busy afternoon ahead and they really need naps and I SHOULD be cleaning, packing, planning but instead I'm venting on here & wasting precious moments? silly me. Oh well.

I guess I'll embrace 'em anyway... they're too adorable not to.

The REAL Ava 

Okay, okay... I'll share a nice one :) 
But come on, we all appreciate a little real life stuff every once in a while... 

This girl loves her some fish lips :)

I still love to wear my girls <3
Is this not the sweetest?
Love my Lilly girl!

ps- look at her eye! :( Poor thing. 
Pretty sure it is from a mosquito bite from a couple nights ago :)

So, are you ready to embrace the camera?
here's the nitty gritty:
1.  take a picture with you and your kids/spouse/family member/friend/whatever.
2.  blog about that picture and include a link to our blog, or grab our button.
3.  link your blog post up on the link tool here (@ the anderson crew).
4.  visit the other embracers...give each other lots of compliments about how good we look with our greasy hair andsweatpants velour jogging suits on.  cause yah, we need a little boost when it's been days since our last shower.
5.  have fun!

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