Thursday, August 4, 2011

dirty fingers

Malakai had his first (enjoyable) finger painting experience! He has always hated having anything "dirty" on his hands. Even to the point that one time when he was still in the crawling/walking stage, he fell at the playground and got mulch on his hands so he started "crawling" on his elbows so as to avoid getting it on his hands again :)

Imagine my surprise when we pulled out the finger paints and  next thing I know, he is painting his body with it :) Red being painted on like sleeves. Green and blue all over his belly. At this point, the camera was necessary :) 

We've come a long way from 9/10 months ago when he was "finger painting" my belly for maternity photos taken by none other than my amazingly talented auntie Laura Olson of In His Grace Photography.

 Man do I love that boy :) 

*On a completely unrelated note, I laid my girls down awake for their nap and they only fussed a couple of minutes and then slept for 1hr45mins. YAY! I think we will be doing some cry it out (CIO) tonight... its time to end the middle of the night play dates. Next up will be working on keeping our 2yr old in his bed all night! (He makes himself comfy in our bed every night after we go to sleep)

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