Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday 5's (v1)

To keep me blogging and help those few who might be reading get to know me a bit more, I've decided to start weekly installments of Friday 5's. Feel free to link up or comment with whatever :-)
1..... favorite color: orange! I love it.
Two. Black and white photos. There is just something so nastalgic and wonderful about them. They are timeless and beautiful.
Tres... my husband. He is my rock and I hope to continue to believe that worst day of our marriage was the 1st (and that was a pretty darn good day). He is amazing and works his tail off to provide for our family. He would give his life for us!
4........ we have 2 fish. Sushi and sashimi. a.k.a. fishy and fishy. They are betas nd w keep them in a tank that has a clear seperator in it so they get angry quite a bit. We're cruel. I know.
FIVE... I love UK (university of ky) basketball! Give me some love if you know what I'm talkin about :)

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  1. 4 reminds me of Darla from Finding Memo, in spirit.


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