Monday, August 15, 2011

NINE: A dirty 4 letter word.

Today marks 9 months since my little girls came into this world. How did that happen?! They've officially been out here longer than they were in 'there'... I always struggle with these milestones. While it is awesome that they are here and completely lovely and bring so much joy to my heart, it still means they are growing up and the letting go... continues. None the less, it makes Mama's heart proud when they accomplish something new.

9mo 27.75in/ 14lbs 13oz
Ava Lynn- My funny girl ♥  She likes raspberries (by that, I mean the spitting kind). She has been doing this for a few months now and is still mastering the idea that this is unacceptable while she is eating. :) Smiles are (almost) always present on her face. One really funny thing is when she mimics sounds- especially crying- especially when Malakai is crying/throwing a fit. Really. Its too much! The past month our sleeping situation has been... interesting. As in, she doesn't always think she needs a full night of it. We are training her otherwise ;)

9 mo. 26.5 in/ 14lbs 6oz
Lillian Renee'- Chatter box! She is constantly making noise! She likes to sing :) When we are in church, she will try to match the sound during praise&worship so it is more like yelling but adorable still :) TAKE NOTICE!!! 2 yes, that makes TWO cowlicks on top of her head :) Daddy says they're from him :) This is a BIG positive considering they look more alike everyday, so it seems. She is also attempting to pull up. She has pulled up on our legs but not on furniture quite yet... any day now... oh joy ;)

Double cowlick

Both Sisters have been crawling since I guess June (which started officially when we were in KY visiting my parents). Bekah and I will get any baby on the move (we taught my youngest sister how to walk- you're welcome, Mom)... sugar is usually involved... haha. The crawl is still more of an army scoot but they get around just the same and they get into everything!!! My job has officially gotten harder? or maybe just more constant...

Playing is something both girls do quite well- go figure :) Some of their favorite toys include, the Winnie the Pooh toy that Nana sent home with us back in March. This little vtech learning center is a big hit! They love rattles and anything that sings/makes noise and can go in their mouth :) 

This truly gives blesses my heart! Love, love, loves his sisters
FOOD! Malakai was pretty much eating anything and everything at this point and a couple of weeks ago I realized little sisters hadn't really had any finger food to speak of. They love their baby food but are now eating anything that is put on their tray. The menu so far includes, eggs, chicken, ham, greenbeans, peas, strawberries, cereal, gold fish, waffles, sausage... I mean really anything that can be cut up small and easily crushed/mushed in their little gums :)

Chomp chomp... Speaking of things in their mouths- both Ava and Lilly officially have 2 teeth. Ava's showed up a few days maybe even a week before Lillian's but they are both in at this point. I think tooth #1 officially made its appearance around 7 months. They struggled more as far as fever and discomfort with the first one but tooth 2 did involve far too much of biting Mommy- OUCH! Good thing they're so darn cute! haha

Eating our 1st watermelon! YUM!

 My 3 littles and then there's me getting annoyed as this is like the 821st try at taking this photo :)

 Ava and Lilly (in that order) LOVING the swings :)

We are having a great summer and an absolute blast getting to know these sweet baby girls :) Twins are a lot of work but they truly are a DOUBLE BLESSING!!! My heart could burst :)

* I would also like to note that I should have started this post days ago bc it took me ALL day to get it finished! Go figure... remember that part about them being a lot of work? Yeah.

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