Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Its Raining (Its Pouring)

Yesterday afternoon Malakai was begging to go to the beach. He wanted to, "get wet and play in the sand with a bucket." I told him we would have to ask Daddy (since it was already like 4:30 in the afternoon). Turned out that Daddy came home late so we couldn't go find a beach. But that didn't stop Malakai from having a completely successful and fun afternoon........

The sky turned from blue to black in a matter of minutes... it appeared that maybe a storm was brewing. Much of the time it will look like a really "good" storm is headed for us and all we'll get is some thunder and a sprinkle. We always hope for more though :) Malakai spied the sprinkles and quickly ran for his rain boots... he was ready to go!

I'll allow the video/photos to tell the rest of the story..... Enjoy!

and this is what Sisters were doing while brother splashed....

little cuties <3

So that was our afternoon... btw- after I took photos, Daddy went out and played with Malakai in the rain... they were SOAKED! It was soooo sweet :) Malakai told Daddy he was at the ocean and asked him if that was where the dolphins lived (in the puddle he was "swimming" in). He had a blast and we were blessed by his joy!

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  1. I know how he feels, I want to go to the beach too! And... I also went outside and stood in the pouring rain this week. It's refreshing!


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