Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pink lollipops

Funny little story.

Loaded up 3 kids to go to the bank. ( I know, I know, seems like I started off with the punch line) Malakai and I had the "lollipop talk" before I headed in with a double stroller and no monkey leash (left it in Daddy's Jeep). So we got to the door and a kind person actually helped me with the door (rather than the usual comment about how I have my hands full while enjoying their free entertainment watching me struggle with getting a stroller and a 2yr old in door- safely). I'll fast forward through the, "wow! Are they twins?" the, "Have you ever mixed them up?" and "Oh, you must be the big brother," encounters... SO we're now at the counter- Malakai is behaving pretty well. He asks for a lollipop. I remind him to wait until we are finished but I could pick him up so he could see them. He asks for a pink one. Ok, that's fine. Then we talk about what other colors are in the basket (I am working on colors with him right now bc he hasn't been interested in learning them before now). So as we're wrapping up, the teller offers Malakai to pick out his own lollipop. He reaches for the pink one (I was proud because this means we are making progress on the color identification) the teller apparently wasn't so proud. She actually attempted to take the pink one out of his hand and hand him a blue one! I was shocked at her attempt but humored by her stumbling over words/actions. When I took the pink one and handed it to him, she was like, "Oh, Oh? Well... ok?" She seemed so confused as to how I could let my son eat a PINK lollipop. No more watermelon for Malakai- that's a girl fruit. He's going to be sooo disappointed. HA!

Wow, people...


  1. I am going to save every single pink in the bunch of whatever it is I buy...just for Malakai!

  2. LOL, He picked Green for Ice Cream. Pink and green.... That is my boy ;)

  3. Cute dress your brother is wearing :)

  4. I will never understand why Sam let us do that to him... We were awful!


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