Sunday, October 9, 2011

8 minutes 17 seconds

I'm loving this fall season. The weather is beautiful. Pumpkins, changing leaves, crisp mornings and nights... it all makes me so happy for fall. 

As much as I love this weather and season, it is leaving me sort of... sad? I don't know. Every day I am reminded of my daughters' impending 1st birthday and it just makes me kind of sad. I'm loving every minute with them but hating that clock ticking away leaving us with an almost complete 1st year of life for those sweet, sweet sisters. 

Have I savored enough of the moments? The everyday moments that happen so often I take them for granted. The little (or big) smiles. The bumps. The quick but ever so sweet exchanges between siblings. The hugs & kisses. All of it. I'm thinking the answer is, probably not.

Lately, I've taken to capturing more videos knowing that I won't be able to remember it all. Knowing how many videos I review from Malakai's 1st year hold what would have been forgotten memories reminds me how awesome it will be years from now that we've captured these small snippets of their baby-hood :) 

Just some thoughts I've been having in the last few weeks. 

On a totally awesome and really saaa-weet note.... my anniversary is coming up!!! yay! I love this man that makes up the other half of my children's dna.

I hope to bring you more blog posts this week... 

I've been a bit of a slacker here recently :/ 

Peace out, y'all!!!

(enjoy this little window into our lives w/ 3 under 3...)


  1. aww that video had me smiling!! They are all SO cute!!! :-)

  2. Great KY Aunt LoriOctober 9, 2011 at 11:39 PM

    That is so cute. The reason Lilly didn't first respond to you is probably that whistle is giving her hearing damage! LOL!!! They are all growing up so fast...I miss all of you guys lots!

  3. It's okay, Lori, the other one is Lorie with an e... ;))


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