Monday, October 31, 2011

New Eyes.

Through various clicks around the blog world, thanks to IROCKSOWHAT, I came across a photographer's blog (Constantly Evolving) who did a personal photography challenge: 31 Strangers in 31 Days. As I have read through a good portion of the photos, I was reminded of the sermon I heard at church this morning. My pastor talked about how we tend to make assumptions about people and don't stop to really consider their story. We really don't stop to think about anything except the fleeting thoughts of judgement that flow in and out of our minds in the split seconds we pass them.

Each person that Caroline approached was a new face, a new story, a new experience. Throughout her journey she met some pretty neat people and learned a lot of new things- not just about these strangers but also about herself. As I read through each post, I could feel the Holy Spirit stirring something up. Every face, every stranger was more inspiration to begin to look at people with new eyes. To look past my judgements and assumptions and seek see strangers the way that Jesus sees them. Not as strangers but as people.

People who have a story.

People who seek love.

People who need a Savior.

I was praying on the way back from my sisters house tonight asking God to open my eyes. To help me see people through his lens. (This was before seeing that blog) I prayed. He answered. I came home, jumped on the computer and was unexpectedly inspired, filled up and feeling the urge to DO something. 

Now? I am praying for boldness. The urge I am feeling is to challenge myself similarly to Caroline except with the goal to not just come away with awesome portraits but to meet people. To really meet people. To listen. To learn. To look past the outside and hear their story. To not act based on what my eyes are telling me about that person but to look through a different lens. A lens that seeks to see more than just skin deep.

I'm not sure when I'll start... Maybe Tuesday since I have already committed with my sister to do a blog challenge to post everyday for an entire month... starting Tuesday... funny how God always goes before us and lays out path our right in front of us ;) This should be gooooood. HA! 

Join me if you feel so inclined. 

Or not.

But certainly hang around to see how this turns out because it could get interesting... :)

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